Jenna In White – Creating One of a Kind Bridal Gowns in Michigan

Walled Lake MI Wedding DressesThe wedding gown is the height of meaningful symbolism in marriages. Brides-to-be come to bridal gown shops full of hope. Their chosen gown is seen as an opportunity for happiness – a symbolism of the transition from single life into a married happily ever after.

As Sheryl Paul wrote in The Conscious Bride: “The wedding dress symbolizes both the untouchable purity of a princess and the regal perfection of a queen.” It is understood that on a woman’s wedding day, she wants to feel like a princess. A woman sees her special day as a time when she can be transformed and “elevated to a spiritual state.” At this point, “the wedding dress ceases to be merely an object that will help make her ‘look perfect’ but rather can be utilized as an amulet to assist her during her rite of passage.”

It is the dress that always has the most prominent presence in any wedding. It signals the end of singlehood and the start of a lifelong partnership. This transition marks the end of the innocence of childhood, the freedom of singlehood, and the start of womanhood and a commitment of a lifetime. It symbolizes the sacrifice of the life that is left behind, and the spiritual journey to come.

Choosing the perfect dress

Often, brides-to-be go gown-shopping with their mothers. There is the inevitable difficulty of the mother finding it hard to “let go” of their daughters. Also, usually accompanying the bride is an entire flock of bridesmaids, their go-to people for helping them choose every minute detail of the dress.

The choosing can go on for weeks, and rightly so, to make sure the dress is absolutely perfect for the bride’s big day. Whoever they choose to go with, things always get emotionally charged, precisely because of the significance and symbolism that the wedding gown exudes.

Jenna Huntley

As a Michigan wedding dress designer, and being married herself, Jenna Huntley deeply understands and respects the symbolism that a wedding gown carries. As journalist Paris Giles writes, “It’s the full, undivided attention that she pays her brides that makes her shop stand out… She only takes appointments and will sometimes spend up to three to four hours with her brides. Sympathetic to the hair-ripping, nail-biting moments that come with planning a wedding, Huntley strives to create a stress-free environment.”

“I like to make it exciting, comfortable. I don’t want it to be stressful.”

All her Michigan bridal gowns are delicately handcrafted to the desires and specifications of each bride. Just as no two brides are alike, Jenna’s dresses are one of a kind. They are unique creations with tasteful use of seed pearls, Swarovski crystals, embroidery, and lace.

Michigan Wedding DressesWhether you want princess-style ballgowns or elegant sleek sheathes, Jenna will work closely with you on every detail of your dress – from the wired hemline to handcrafted appliques – to make the wedding dress of your dreams a reality.

Customers looking for a custom bridal gown can book an appointment by calling Jenna at (734) 276-9370 or emailing To ensure highly personalized service for each bride, the showroom is open only to customers who have set an appointment beforehand.

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