How to Plan the Perfect Michigan Wedding

Michigan Wedding Dress from Jenna In White

Your wedding day is probably the most important event you will plan in your life. It is such a momentous occasion not just because of its significance, but also because of the sheer scale and logistics of it all. Newly engaged couples often feel at a loss on how to handle all the details. Here are a few tips you may want to keep in mind.

Don’t Rush Anything

Take your time in planning your wedding. The more you think through each aspect of your wedding, the better the results can be. Being in a hurry can be costly and disastrous.

Start with the Big Picture and Work Inwards

First, envision the overall event. Do you want the wedding to be outdoors or indoors? For an outdoor wedding, will it be at a country club, by the lake, in a garden? If indoors, what venues will you choose from? After getting a general idea of the whole thing, you can start working your way into the more detailed decisions, such as color theme, décor, and food.

Separate your plans into “needs” and “wants” to make sure you cover all basic requirements before blowing the budget on unnecessary additions.

Speaking of budget, be triply sure what your budget is before anything. Figure this out even before making any reservations. This will help in determining what are “needs” and what are “wants.” You will want to spend a little extra for professionals for the needs, while you may be able to save some money on the wants.


Get a wedding planning book with pockets labeled for each aspect of your wedding, such as wedding venue, reception venue, décor, dresses, flowers, etc.

Make a list of the people you will be inviting. The number of guests will determine the size of the venues to be considered. This will also give you a general idea of the costs of food and alcohol. When venues, caterers, photographers, etc. have been selected, find out how far in advance you will need to make a deposit. Many deposits will be non-refundable, so be sure of your choice before paying. By then, you should also have decided on a date, making sure to allow ample time and then some for all the preparations.

Venues can usually be reserved up to 1.5 years in advance, as can photographers and videographers. The attire of the entourage should also be planned up to a year in advance. The suits of the groomsmen are usually easier and can be planned three to six months in advance.

The Dress

Michigan Wedding Gowns from Jenna In White

The bride’s dress may be the most important considerations for any wedding. Full of age-old symbolism, the bride’s dress will be the center of attention for the entire event. We at Jenna In White give our undivided attention to each bride who comes to us to come up with the perfect wedding dress in Michigan, handmade and customized according to individual tastes and preferences. This can range from traditional ball dresses with Swarovski crystals to petite wedding dresses in simple, elegant styles.

The Details

Now that the plans are starting to take shape, it’s time to go into the details. The flowers and décor of the venues should complement the attire. The food and music can also be determined around this time. Transportation for the couple as well as some of the more important guests should be planned ahead. It would also help to hire a day planner to handle everything on the actual date. This way, you don’t need to stress out about everything yourselves.

Having extensive experience in the industry, we at Jenna In White can refer you to our network of wedding services providers to act as a one stop shop for your Michigan wedding. Please contact us today at 734-276-9370 or look at our contact page for more details. We look forward to speaking to you and helping create the wedding gown of your dreams.

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