Meet the Brides of Jenna In White | Aerial Turner – Glass Slippers

With tales of glass slippers, poisoned apples and princes disguised as frogs, who wouldn’t want to be a princess?  And with a name like Aerial, the tiara fits beautifully. Newlywed Aerial Turner (formerly Ali) admits that she’s not the girly girl who had china arranged and bridesmaids picked from age 12, but she knew she had to have the big, bedazzled ball-gown.  She says the nuptial day is “the only day you can look like a princess.” “It’s not like we live in a high-class society that goes to balls, galas and charity events,” she laughs. “When else will we do it?” In true fairy-tale fashion, Turner has known her husband, Antoine, since childhood.  Despite a pact with her best friend, Turner started dating said friend’s cousin at age 14.  Like most adolescent relationships, though, it didn’t last.  But they kept in touch throughout the separation.